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Customer Service that WOWs Your Customers

September 12th, 2017Posted by Madeline

To survive in your business you must create outstanding customer service whether you are online or in a brick and mortar business. What does amazing customer service look like? Is there a step-by-step blue print for it? For several years, I have been buying groceries at Farm Fresh Grocery Store in Poquoson, VA. Their cooked […]

Creating Outstanding Customer Service Every Day

August 30th, 2017Posted by Madeline

For a brick and mortar business to survive they need to give their customers “outstanding custom service” every day. “Red Teaming” or Stress testing is when a business or organization is pushed to the limits and challenges everything they are doing. Whether it is in a retail business, cyber, military or any other type of […]

The Key to Giving Great Feedback Is to Start with Encouragement

July 18th, 2017Posted by Madeline

Author, Ted Engstrom, wrote a story that happened many years ago at the University of Wisconsin to a group of extraordinary young men who had the “ability to put the English language to its best use.” These students were essayists, novelists, and poets. They “met regularly to read and critique each other’s work.” Engstrom said, […]

Coach Wooden’s Four Secret Components to Developing Effective Leaders

June 14th, 2017Posted by Madeline

Everyone is a teacher to someone. Athletes,celebrities, and others  in the public spot light may not want to be viewed as role models, but they are. You are a role model to your family, your colleagues at work,  and in your community. We teach others by the way we live our everyday lives and these lessons speak louder […]

Be Level Headed

May 15th, 2017Posted by Madeline

How well do you control your emotions during tense situations? What three steps can you take to “be level headed” during emotional situations? I’m reminded of a Coach Wooden story at the beginning of his teaching career at South Bend Central High School when one of his students, fathers was on the school board. Coach was 99% […]

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