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Many companies and organizations have discovered the magic of “Tuning up their Business” with Madeline Frank’s award winning programs. Madeline's programs will help your audience discover what their business is doing well, what may need adjusting, and how they can create amazing results quickly.

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Many companies and organizations have discovered the magic of “Tuning up their Business” with Madeline Frank’s award winning programs. Businesses and organizations, just like musical instruments, need slight adjustments to perform at their best. Madeline will give your audience the tools necessary to "tune up their business" with her engaging, entertaining, and memorable messages.

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Madeline Frank has helped thousands of people reach their true potential with her best selling books.

Client Testimonials

“Madeline was the most charismatic speaker we had at our conference today! Her wisdom, poise, and the most wonderful sounds from her viola remained in the room well after she left. Our team loved her!”

- Sylvia Hertzler Saunders, RE/MAX Peninsula -

“An excellent advisory book on decent human behavior and conduct of business written with a warm approach and plain, understandable language.”

- Emeric Fischer, Emeritus Professor at the William & Mary Law School -

“Dr. Frank blends fascinating anecdotes with vital secrets of business character based on forming convictions, and exercising the courage of those convictions.”

- Elizabeth Hamilton, Best-selling author of the Character-in-Action Books -

“Dr. Madeline Frank was a fantastic guest on my program! The unique lessons she’s learned as a concert violinist working alongside superstars like Frank Sinatra and Natalie Cole juxtaposed with wearing a hardhat at her families construction business made for a unique, memorable interview. I’m really looking forward to reading her new book LEADERSHIP ON A SHOESTRING BUDGET, which certainly is applicable for the times we live in.”

- Burke Allen, Billboard Magazine award winning broadcaster; CEO Allen Media Strategies -

“Dr. Frank, I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation to the Peninsula Chapter of IAAP. Your down to earth presentation hit home. Emphasizing professionalism in manner, dress and attitude is a message that seems to be lacking in today’s world. I know the message as an administrator is the first line of entrance into a company or an executive office is an important one and needs to be reiterated over and over to the beginning administrator. Thanks again for your time and energy you spent with our organization.”

- JoAnn Panuska, Administrator to the Director of Aircraft Carrier Engineering, Newport News Shipbuilding -
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